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The Pearl District.

Portland's dynamic urban neighborhood. There's no other place quite like Portland's Pearl District. To be sure, lofts, galleries and restaurants flourish in parts of Manhattan and other large cities, but the Pearl District is different. It is not finished, but an exciting work in progress, moving from an industrial area toward its own ultimate, unique personality. And almost every day, it is being shaped by the people and the new businesses who are moving here.

River District Plan.
Over the past ten years, the city and private investors have followed a plan to transform the old industrial area North of downtown into an urban neighborhood of 15,000 people. The River District Plan , a visionary blueprint for this development, calls for the removal of the train yard at Union Station to reconnect the neighborhood to the Willamette River. A streetcar line will run from Portland State University through downtown and the heart of the Pearl District to the shops and restaurants on NW 23rd.

Besides residential and retail business development, the River District Plan calls for parks and open areas-including extending the city park blocks North to a new Tanner Creek Park on the Willamette. Flowing from Sylvan through NW Portland, Tanner Creek was buried in an underground conduit 110 years ago to create more building sites in Northwest Portland. Its resurrection at the park will allow the creek to flow naturally into the Willamette once again.


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