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A Triumph Of Creative Urban Living Over Suburban Conformity.

The Mckenzie can be everything you imagine about loft living. From your balcony, you overlook an always changing tableau of street scenes and city lights against a backdrop of bridges, verdant hills and spectacular mountains. The building's subtle touches of art deco exterior design to its handsome hardwood floors and exposed concrete ceilings make a clear statement that this is a distinctive Pearl District address.

The Mckenzie offers an extraordinary level of creative choices. Its large open spaces encourage you to choose to live anyway you want—in a dramatic open area, or divided as you like. Your loft can be showplace for entertaining, or a cozy nest. At the Mckenzie, you decide exactly how you want to live.
As you might expect, many loft dwellers profess a joy in discovering new efficiency in the mechanics of living. In a Mckenzie loft, you needn't be concerned with all of the trappings of a suburban split-level. It's about living. It's about having more creative time and space without lawnmowers, commuter traffic and feeling tied down by your house.

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Your Next Step.

Purchasing a Mckenzie loft is not the same as buying an existing suburban house, or even a conventional condominium. Our unit coordinator helps you sort out the differences and see that the process is smooth and satisfactory at every step. There are standard finishes and upgrades to consider, as well as colors and style choices. After your selections are made, your coordinator follows through with your decisions and provides you with updates throughout construction.


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