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Already home to galleries, restaurants, microbreweries and boutiques, the Pearl District is where you can find lofts occupied by an eclectic population—a mix of artists and professionals living next to retail businesses offering everything from designer pottery and floral design to custom home furnishings and designer clothing.

What attracts people and businesses here is an uncommon desire for a more active, urban way of living and doing business away from suburban sprawl, commuter traffic and the responsibilities of conventional home ownership. The Pearl District lifestyle is about freedom and creative living-following a path of your choosing, rather than surrendering to a conventional suburban lifestyle.
This allure of uncompromised living has already attracted a sizable population that grows steadily as new lofts are offered. Many of the new arrivals, like those who came before them, choose to both live and work in the neighborhood. Others walk, bike or enjoy a short commute downtown. But all consider themselves fortunate-living an extraordinary Pearl District lifestyle.


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